About Me


Willy Nyland

I am Willy, named after this blog. Or wait, the blog is named after me.
My interest for sewing started in March 2008, around the time I turned 30, without it having any direct connection.

In the beginning it was practical to repair clothes and make stuff I need - or don't need. The dream was to make my own pair of trousers, since trousers with a good fit is so hard to find. Either they're too tight on the legs, too loose on the waist or too long, too short or just too something.

Eventually I made my pair of trousers. Even multiple pairs. Now I also sews my own shirts. I actually stop buying clothes. I make everything myself. Except from socks and underwear.
But I don't need to buy those either since I get so much of them for Christmas.
I also make lady wear. In fact I mostly make clothes for ladies. Which makes me realize why woman need so big wardrobe. I barely got room for my own clothes in the closet. That means women's clothes needs more space than men's clothes. Unless it's about the quantity.
Hmm, I need to check that out.

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email: willy@nyland.cz

Fun facts

  • Originally from Thailand.
  • Have two brothers, one older and one younger.
  • Grew up in Bodø in Northen Norway.
  • Lived in a fosterfamily most of my youth.
  • Speaks fluently Norwegian, English and Thai.
  • Speaks basic French, Japanese and Czech.
  • Often hear I have a dry sense of humour.
  • Is ambidextrous.
  • Not a morning bird.
  • 176cm tall.
  • Loves to learn, but hates school.
  • Was vegetarian for many years (eats meat again now).
  • My interest for soccer is so small it consist of only two molecules.
  • Rollerskated along the whole Norwegian coast (3286km) in 2009.
  • Did I mention my dry humour?
  • Cannot drive cars.
  • Doesn't have a TV.
  • Believes no human have ever been on the moon yet.
  • I'm singel. Invite me on a date.

My sewing room

Yeap, that's it!
Not even quite a sewing room. More like a sewing corner.
I'm really looking forward to move, then I'll get waaay more space!

My sewing machine. This is what makes all the magic happens. Notice how small it is. Look at the ripper to get an idea how small it really is.
Everything I've made is sewn on this machine. It's a Bernina from ~1985, fully mechanical.

The bottom line is; it's not the equipment that matters!

Willy Sews!