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Mission Impossible

I found this gorgeous fabric last week. At once I knew exactly what I'll make of it!

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Tags: ladywear top flowers corset

Pimp my Heatpress

This became a neverending project that I finally finished.

Read Added: 2012-05-16 in Finished Projects

Tags: worklog equipment printing

Threads Storing System

Now that I became a thread-pusher it's a little embarrassing that I don't have a system on my own threads. I mean the threads I'm using myself, not those I'm selling. When I see all those awesome systems other people have then I feel obligated to come up with something more presentable than what I have now.

Read Added: 2011-10-30 in Finished Projects

Tags: equipment threads worklog

Corset 7: Iselin

Iselin had a skirt she didn't like. Actually she likes the colour and the fabric, but not the shape. When she asked me to make something else out of it, my limited imagination suggested a corset.

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Tags: ladywear top corset reuse

Hat, hat and hat

It's been quite a few mini hats made now, but almost no live pictures - except from the one I took of Elisabeth in May. So I got help from my friend Silje for a photoshot; not only of one hat but three!

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Tags: ladywear headgear polkadots

Corset for Elisabeth

It started as a joke and ended up with a corset, a hat and nice photos. You'll get to see how I sew a corset. It's not really a tutorial but more like along the way pictures

Read Added: 2011-05-24 in Finished Projects

Tags: ladywear corset top worklog flowers

Dress 2 (Retro)

I am about to make a dress for a friend and in order not to mess up her fabrics I tried out the pattern on my own fabric first. The only change she wanted was a slightly shorter skirt (on the knee). Otherwise I followed the pattern like a book.

Read Added: 2010-05-03 in Finished Projects

Tags: dress retro polkadots ladywear

Nerd Shirt

Not much to say about this shirt really. It's almost been a routine for me making shirts. I'm trying to update my wardrobe and can't exactly just go buy clothes.

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Tags: menswear top shirt me

Sword Bag

I bought myself a cheap decoration katana (read: "toy") a while back. The blade is made of steel, which means it has some nice weight, making it suitable for practicing. It's not sharp at all so I doubt it can be classified as a weapon.

Read Added: 2008-07-22 in Finished Projects

Tags: bag me

Reversible Robe

Heh, a robe could be many kind of garments. This one is the kind with a hood. Maybe a "cloak" would be a more proper term?

Read Added: 2008-07-22 in Finished Projects

Tags: outerwear me

Cover for Outdoor Bar

At work we have an outdoor bar which is only used on nice sunny days. On those days when it's not being used (we have over 300 rainy days in Bergen a year) it needs to be protected against harsh weather.

Read Added: 2008-07-13 in Finished Projects

Tags: interior

Skirt - not for me!

Made this for a friend who wanted a light and fluffy summer skirt. Since I never sewn - or worn - a skirt, she lent me one as a template.

Read Added: 2008-07-06 in Finished Projects

Tags: ladywear legs skirt flowers

Apron Pants

Since so many people are making apron dresses for their kids I decided to make an apron pants for myself. It's in a similar material and style as my previous apron.

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Tags: apron legs me


Dette er en litt sprø idé jeg har og er fortsatt under utvikling. Har kommet så langt at prototypen er ferdig og klar til testing.

Read Added: 2008-06-07 in Finished Projects

Tags: headgear me


Jeg har en dress, men har ingenting jeg kan ha utenpå dressen. Mine andre ytterklær er ikke "pen nok". Det nærmeste jeg kommer er en frakk, men jeg får den på meg når jeg bare har en skjorte under. Med dressen blir frakken for liten.

Read Added: 2008-05-14 in Finished Projects

Tags: outerwear menswear me

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