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Zipper fly tutorial

My way of creating a zipper fly. It involves more steps than other methods but in return it is very accurate and reliable.

Read Added: 2015-03-08 in Guides and Tutorials

Invisible Zipper with a Regular Foot

Invisible zipper is a challenge for many fresh sewers. To the normal, mortal people it appears like some kind of black magic. This is a method I invented which only requires a regular presser foot.

Read Added: 2014-09-18 in Guides and Tutorials

The Bow

This simple tool helps you draw nice and even curves. Easy and cheap to make yourself.

Read Added: 2014-09-13 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: equipment pattern

Sew a Tie!

Sew your own ties! Detailed guide with free download pattern. Perfect gift for your man! Or for yourself in case you're the man

Read Added: 2014-05-19 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: menswear pattern

Thread Thickness

You're shopping for threads online and are confused about the thickness? This guide explains how thread thickness are measures and the relation between different units.

Read Added: 2011-05-01 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: thread

Comparison of Sewing Threads

Ever wondering how sewing threads really looks like?

Read Added: 2010-12-29 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: thread tests

Hat Calculator

Make your own hat!

Read Added: 2010-08-29 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: hat headgear pattern

Skirt Calculator

Make your own skirt easily with this calculator.

Read Added: 2010-08-29 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: skirt legs pattern

Mitered Corners

There are many ways to make nice mitered corners. This is my method.

Read Added: 2010-02-12 in Guides and Tutorials

MP3 Neck Strap

A neck strap to carry your MP3-player which also conceals the cables. Easy project for beginners.

Read Added: 2008-04-29 in Guides and Tutorials

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