Apron Pants

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Since so many people are making apron dresses for their kids I decided to make an apron pants for myself.
It's in a similar material and style as my previous apron: Waiter/barkeeper apron
I figured it would be nice with a second apron since they need to be washed fairly often.

Apron pants Apron pants

The size and placement of the pockets are exactly as the last one. Actually almost everything is the same.
The only (big) difference is the "slit" in the center, making it more like a pair of trousers.
The big advantage is better mobility. I can for instance walk up stairs without lifting the apron like a skirt.
The same when I have to run or sit on my knees. The apron would follow my legs anywhere!

Apron pants Apron pants

In order to make it work I had to attach some straps at the back.
Additionally I had to add about 10cm of fabric on the inside of the legs. Otherwise it would have been quite open on the inside.

Apron pants Apron pants

A hand embroidered monogram was a must!
Wasn't as nice as I wanted, but I'll let it pass for now.
This nylon fabric is by the way a hell to embroider in!

Apron pants Apron pants

This feature was added to the previous apron, after I already blogged about it.
The card slips easily into the pocket but was really hard to get it out again.
To solve that I sewn on a ribbon between the apron and the back of the pocket.
Now the card can just be pulled off!

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