Cover for Outdoor Bar

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At work we have an outdoor bar which is only used on nice sunny days.
On those days when it's not being used (we have over 300 rainy days in Bergen a year) it needs to be protected against harsh weather.

Since my boss discovered my talent for sewing I got the task to make a cover for it.

We didn't want to use tarpaulin. After all the bar would still be on display even when it's not being used.
Instead I used transparent vinyl sheet. Works wonderful!

Personally I find this little "bag" for the tap rather cute

To prevent the cover to get caught by the wind a rope is running all the way along and is attached to the wall with carabiner hooks. Quickly to remove.

I'm very happy with the result. My boss however is on holiday (I got this assignment the day before he left) so he didn't get a chance to see it yet.
Loves getting challenges like this and even gets paid for it!

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