Mitered Corners

Added: 2010-02-12 | Edited: 2014-09-13

Corner finished the normal way Corner finished the normal way

When finishing the hem on a tablecloth or curtains the corners tend to get big and bulky. That's no surprise since it's 9 layers of fabrics there - if you simply fold the corners the same way you fold the hem. Most store bought items are made this way.

So I came up with this method which makes it nicer and more slim:
(The lines are simply visual guides to show where the folds would be, you're not suppose to draw them).

Mitered corners, instructions

Basically you start by trimming off the corner, then make a small fold and finally double fold the edges. Which means you may consider finishing the corners first and do the edges afterwards. Alternatively you can hem the edges as normal and stop about 15-20cm from the corners.

Mitered corners, compared with regular way

At most you'll have 5 layers of fabrics, but only at certain areas. Otherwise it's 3 or 4 layers. Here compared with the regular way on the right.

Mitered corners, from the side ...from the side.

Mitered corners, from the top And from the top.

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