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Norwegian Sewing Bee, the contestantsFrom the left: Solveig, Julie, me, Maiken, Kristin, Anne, Walter, Vegard.
Photo: NRK

It's finally official! I'm one of 8 contestants in NRK's (Norwegian national TV) reality show "Det store symesterskapet" (literally translated: "The Great Sewing Championship") which will be aired on Wednesday November 19th. Unfortunately for my English speaking readers and friends, it will be in Norwegian only.

The recording of the show was completed already in June and we received strict instructions from the TV company to keep it air tight. However it's been half official for quite some time, since NRK themselves have released some clips as a part of their autumn preview and some newspapers and magazines has also published articles about us. The contestants has also been spreading some rumors on Facebook but it's not until now we're allowed to speak openly about it.

The concept is simple; in each episode we get three challenges:
  • A pattern challenge where we receive a (secret) pattern and the task it to understand and follow it.
  • Challenge two is redesign. We get one piece of garment (also secret) and need to make something else out of it.
  • The third challenge is the big one. Here we get the task up front and can choose the pattern, pick the fabrics and plan ahead. The tricky part is to fit a living person which we haven't met yet.

NRK bought this concept from BBC ("The Great British Sewing Bee" or just "Sewing Bee"). In England the show became highly successful and they already filmed the third season. It also started a new sewing fever on that big island.
Those who are familiar with the Sewing Bee, this is the Norwegian version. NRK followed the concept exactly on the book. It will be more or less just like the Sewing Bee, except in Norwegian. And of course with different people

Norwegian Sewing Bee, the location Done with another long day at the set. Notice the countless lamps on the ceiling. Summer. Hot? Oh yeah!

This is positive reality-TV without cynical dramas or nude scenes. Well, you may get to see some of us in underwear, but unfortunately not completely naked
I won't reveal much more. It was ridiculously fun being part of it. The other contestants was super charming and crazy. Yes, some even more crazy than me!
Christine Hope is the perfect hostess for the show. Lots of great entertainment to look forward to!
You'll see us sweat, swear, laugh and create fantastic garments!

Those of you who have seen the Swedish version and been disappointed; don't worry! The Norwegian version is better! We contestants has been invited to NRK and watched the first episode. And it is considerably better than the Swedish one!

I haven't been so active taking pictures during the recording of the show (after all I'm a man and can only do one thing at a time). So please visit the blog of the other contestants for more "behind the scene" pictures:
(Anne, Walter og Vegard doesn't have sewing blogs).

Many newspapers and magazines has been writing about us. Below are some clips from "Familien" and "Alt om Håndarbeide". (Unfortunately not in readable resolution. These are copyright materials and I only show small pictures as "fair use". Oh well and it's written in Norwegian anyway).

Norwegian Sewing Bee in FamilienFamilien ("The Family", a rather huge Norwegian women's magazine)

Norwegian Sewing Bee in Alt om HåndarbeideAlt om Håndarbeide ("All about Crafts")

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Ikke annet å si enn - SUPERKULT!

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