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Sunday 30th October 2011

Now that I became a thread-pusher it's a little embarrassing I don't have a system on my own threads. I mean the threads I'm using myself, not those I'm selling. Seeing all these awesome systems other people have makes me feel obligated to come up with something more presentable than what I have now.

This is my current system:

Mess in the system

In other words; no system!

I already have some plans in my mind. Today I went shopping at IKEA.
Next stop is the hardware store. But I don't feel like going there today, so let's continue tomorrow

I have previously received written complaints that I don't tell much about my plans.
So this time I'll explain everything in detail!
I even made a sketch for you.

Now you may understand why I normally don't explain much before things are done.
As you can see I'm terrible at drawing...

Work plan Translations:
Kaos = chaos
Clas Ohlson = Swedish chain of hardware/gadget stores
Finnes ikke i Tsjekkia = does not exist in Czech Republic
Hornbach = German chain of hardware stores
Grei erstatning = good substitute
Orden = order

Monday 1st November 2011


Time flies today and this is the status so far;
I managed to get mostly everything I need. What I'm doing with the nails in the picture above shouldn't be so hard to guess
They're 12cm long, rounded and rather nice looking. Even not so sharp either.

Before I start drilling I have to make sure the distance between the nails would be suitable. I tested it by punching nails through a piece of styrofoam (from the drawer's packing). My bulky man-fingers had no problems picking up the spools.
So a distance of 5cm is hereby declared and approved

Testing distance

Friday 5th November 2011

Drilling drawer bases

To save time, both in terms of measuring and drilling, I bolted all three drawer bases together and drilled through them simultaneously. Thankfully I have a drill stand which makes this possible.

Gluing the nails

The 12cm nails I first bought was too long as it turned out I couldn't close the drawers... (bummer!)
So I had to use 10cm nails instead.

Here they are pushed through the holes and glued at the bottom. The tiny holes between the nails are for the plywood in the picture below.

Plywood Even though the glue should be enough I attached a sheet of plywood beneath just in case.

The finished result

There are four drawers but I only have nails in three of them. The bottom one is for overlock cones which I do not need any nails for. Each drawer is for different thickness of threads (normal, thick and extra thick).

Each drawer have room for 50 spools (which makes it 150 in total), plus a small compartment for new spools on the back. The nails are so long that I have space for two bobbins underneath each spool as well.

The drawer is next to my sewing table so I can just open it while sitting in front of the sewing machine

Drawers closed

Drawers open

The new threads storing system

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