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Made this for a friend who wanted a light and fluffy summer skirt.
Since I never sewn - or worn - a skirt, she lent me one as a template.

When I eventually figured out how a skirt works (see below) the cutting and sewing is very quick and easy.

The zipper is partly concealed. Wasn't quite as planned, but it's a nice bonus

I'll be delivering the skirt to her tomorrow after work. Hope it fits
Hopefully I'll also get to take some live pictures.

The following informations may be commonly known, but I'm writing it anyway for other skirt beginners (like myself!).

First I thought the pieces of the skirt are trapeziums, but quickly realized that's wrong.

The shape is actually a section of a circle or a "donut".
Straight on the edges but curved on top and bottom. By using Pythagoras- and sinus-rules we can easily calculate how big the curves should be.

If the skirt is cut after these mathematical principles it would be completely symmetric regardless which way you put it on. Which means you can have the zipper on the left, right, front or back and the skirt would still be in the same shape!

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