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I'm not in the mood for photographing today, so it's going to be some quick pictures.
Nicer pictures are coming later.

The thing with this cape goes like this:
I got a suit but nothing to put over it. My other outerwear isn't "nice enough". The closest I get is a coat, but it's quite slim which means I can wear a shirt under it, but not a jacket.

Since I'm still a beginner in sewing I'm not comfortable making a coat yet. So I thought a cape would be easy enough.
As I began the construction it eventually became pretty advanced. I might as well has gone for the coat after all.

I wanted to finish it before May 17th (the Norwegian constitution day), and I hope it's good enough to wear on that great holiday.

I was thinking hard for a long time how to close the cape. This was the easiest and most stylish way I could come up with. Since the cape is partly fitted it rests on the shoulders. Hooks and loops would be too loose and would probably undo once I start moving.
These buttons sits very firmly and also looks nice.

New closure. Steel sheet instead of visible buttons. That gave the more modern look I wanted.

Hand embroidered monogram on the back!
I first tried to embroider with tiny zig-zag on the sewing machine, but I didn't managed to get it straight. The result was way better by hand, but an embroidery machine is now officially on my wishlish!

Does the shoulders look weird?
It had to be this way to make it fit the shoulders.

Was very happy how the lining was attached to the outer fabric.

Outer fabric: Wool ("Tissu Laine Manteu Noir #20/807")
Interfacing: Vlieselin H 200 (H 250 in the collar)
Lining: Polyester Taffeta
Total material cost: approx 450kr (~55EUR)

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