Mission Impossible

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I found this gorgeous fabric last week.
At once I knew exactly what I'll make of it!
But I also knew this task would be practically impossible to get right.
Regardless I had to try.

Sometimes all of us feel the urge to be a little masochistic.
We like the struggle and pain. At least I do

Not quite sure if I'm totally happy with the result.
Due to the shape of a corset it's not possible to match 100% everywhere.
Which means compromises has to be made. Most often the main elements should be matched and just leave the rest to the randomness.
But I managed to miss the tail of the bird quite badly.
Beside that the rest are between great and so-so.
The back side looks the best!

Still a worthy try

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Linda2014-08-22 21:12:31
Impressive job of matching! It looks great.

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