Corset for Elisabeth

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Friday 6th May 2011

A friend of mine, Elisabeth, has promised to model for me if I make a corset and a hat in her size.
I received the materials today and thinking about starting this weekend.

This is a series of pictures on how I make my corsets.
Not a detailed tutorial, but a little peek for the curious

Saturday 7th May 2011

Here's some of the materials:

  • Busk
  • Lacing boning
  • Spiral steel boning
  • Boning channels
  • Rigilene

Corset materials

Also decided which fabrics I'll use:

  • Floral fabric from Liberty (80% wool, 20% cotton)
  • Bamboo jersey as lining
  • Coutil as interlining

The Liberty fabric I only bought half a meter of in Copenhagen.
The idea from the start was making a corset out of it.

Corset fabrics

The base pattern is Laughing Moon #100.
I made some modifications like reducing the seam allowance from 1,5cm to 1cm among other things.

Corset pattern pieces

Done with the cutting!
Testing a rotary cutter and it works wonder!
Especially on the jersey who has a life on it's own.

Now starts the fun

Corset all pieces

The outer fabric and the interlining was zigzagged together along the edges.
This simplifies the task considerably. Now I only have two layers to work with instead of three.

Fashion fabric and interlining sewn together

Lining sewn together.
I'm trying hard to convince myself I need an overlock, but it has been in vain.
It's just fine sewing stretch fabric like jersey with a regular sewing machine.
Even with straight stitches I could stretch is quite a bit (about +50%).

Seam allowance on the lining pressed and top stitched with a wave seam.
It's a little difficult seeing the seam, but it looks like a sine curve

Wave seam on the lining

Outer fabric before and after pressing of seam allowance.

Before and after pressing of seam

The boning channels are now attached.
And that's what I managed today.
Sleep now

Boning channels attached

Boning channel close up

Sunday 8th May 2011

The busk inserted

I can't attach the eyelets!
Bought a few hundreds black eyelets on Ebay some months ago.
But now it turns out none of my tools fits them.

So I either need to use silver eyelets or order the correct tools from the seller on Ebay.

Monday 9th May 2011

Ha, I managed to find black eyelets in town!
There is a secret eyelet pimp in Bergen I can go to when I desperately need some
A little catch with these are a rather ugly back side.
But in distress anything would do.

Black eyelets

Tuesday 10th May 2011

Had my hands full and didn't get a chance to sew much.
Only got time to attach the bias binding.
And bias binding is not exactly a friend of mine.
We tried talking and spending time together, but there are just no chemistry.

Bias binding

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Tonight I've done one of my favourite activities:
Cutting and trimming boning!
So stimulating it almost gives me a bon... hmm.

Boning cut and trimmed

Friday 13th May 2011

Was visiting my friend Kristine "LilleLeo" today and had a cake and made a hat.
So now the hat is done.
This time with a new fastening mechanism

Mini hat closeup

Mini hat inside

Mini hat on mannequin

Saturday 14th May 2011

The corset has been finished for a few days, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it until now.
Still miss the lacing and modesty panel though

Corset done

Corset label

From the front the corset doesn't look so bad.
From the back on the other hand there is a gigantic gap
Oh well, I better stark working on plan B

Maybe I can just find someone else who fits in the corset.
Would it be rude if I walk up to a lady and ask;
"Excuse me, would you like to be a lingerie model for me?"

Corset front

Corset back

Tuesday 24th May 2011

Was visiting Elisabeth during the weekend and tested the corset plus taking some pictures.
Initially I wanted to shoot the pictures outside, but it was freezing cold that day and it was blowing a gale.

On the bright side the corset fits amzingly well. Much better than I hoped for.
Even the gap on the back wasn't that bad. Only 8cm all the way.
Almost perfect I would say

The first reaction Elisabeth got when holding the corset was; wow, this is heavy!
That's no surprise really. It's over 3 meter of steel boning in it.

Elisabeth in corset, front

Elisabeth in corset, back

Elisabeth in corset

Elisabeth outside with mini hat

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