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It's mostly about clothes, but also a few cooking recipes and other things that interest me.

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It's just a sewing blog created by a sewer and written for other sewers looking for inspirations.

Not only will you find almost everything I've made, but I also enjoy writing tutorials and
making patterns which I gladly give away for free.
You'll also find unique tools not found anywhere else,
including pattern generators for skirts and hats.

I wish you great inspirations and useful informations!
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Latest Posts:

Zipper fly tutorial

My way of creating a zipper fly. It involves more steps than other methods but in return it is very accurate and reliable.

Read Added: 2015-03-08 in Guides and Tutorials

The Norwegian Sewing Bee

I'm one of the contestants in the TV-show "Det store symesterskapet" ("The Great Sewing Championship") which is made by the Norwegian national TV. This is the Norwegian version of "The Great British Sewing Bee".

Read Added: 2014-11-08 in Misc

Tags: sewingbee

Invisible Zipper with a Regular Foot

Invisible zipper is a challenge for many fresh sewers. To the normal, mortal people it appears like some kind of black magic. This is a method I invented which only requires a regular presser foot.

Read Added: 2014-09-18 in Guides and Tutorials

The Bow

This simple tool helps you draw nice and even curves. Easy and cheap to make yourself.

Read Added: 2014-09-13 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: equipment pattern

My problem with Pinterest

Why I decided to block Pinterest from my blog and why you may consider doing the same.

Read Added: 2014-08-22 in Misc

Sew a Tie!

Sew your own ties! Detailed guide with free download pattern. Perfect gift for your man! Or for yourself in case you're the man

Read Added: 2014-05-19 in Guides and Tutorials

Tags: menswear pattern

Mission Impossible

I found this gorgeous fabric last week. At once I knew exactly what I'll make of it!

Read Added: 2012-05-27 in Finished Projects

Tags: ladywear top flowers corset

Pimp my Heatpress

This became a neverending project that I finally finished.

Read Added: 2012-05-16 in Finished Projects

Tags: worklog equipment printing

Threads Storing System

Now that I became a thread-pusher it's a little embarrassing that I don't have a system on my own threads. I mean the threads I'm using myself, not those I'm selling. When I see all those awesome systems other people have then I feel obligated to come up with something more presentable than what I have now.

Read Added: 2011-10-30 in Finished Projects

Tags: equipment threads worklog

Corset 7: Iselin

Iselin had a skirt she didn't like. Actually she likes the colour and the fabric, but not the shape. When she asked me to make something else out of it, my limited imagination suggested a corset.

Read Added: 2011-08-15 in Finished Projects

Tags: ladywear top corset reuse

Hat, hat and hat

It's been quite a few mini hats made now, but almost no live pictures - except from the one I took of Elisabeth in May. So I got help from my friend Silje for a photoshot; not only of one hat but three!

Read Added: 2011-07-09 in Finished Projects

Tags: ladywear headgear polkadots

Willy's Potato Salad

Light and fresh potato salad made with yogurt and baked potatoes.

Read Added: 2011-06-12 in Misc

Tags: food

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